Why Choose Us

Competitive prices

Our industry experience and strategically located facilities allow us to identify the most efficient routes for transportation. Our connections in the industry and our management team can help you reduce several charges and meet your transportation and logistic needs at highly competitive prices.

Timely decision-making

The ability to make quick decisions are important to coordinate the transportation carriers, storage and other shipment services. Our team members and staff are equipped with real-time data that allows them to access all important information and make timely decisions to ensure products arrive in time while also saving on costs.

Transparency and integration

Owing to the adoption of the latest technology at all our facilities, we ensure utmost transparency of services to all our clients. All data is collected in real-time and integrated for a better understanding of all factors involved. The clients can access this data at any time for better decisions as well as modifying routes in case of any emergency situation.

Customer-centric solutions

At Starex Logistic, meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction is an important value. We know that every client may have a different requirement and offer customised solutions to address their different needs. We are always accessible to our clients and ensure the utmost transparency in all our services.

Customized warehousing

Storage is a crucial aspect when it comes to logistics. All our warehouses are equipped with superior technology and the latest facilities. We also offer customized warehousing solutions to our clients in the form of dedicated and shared spaces. A shared warehouse offers economical advantages while a dedicated warehouse is perfect for clients with larger or specific storage needs.

Customized solutions

The business sector is extremely dynamic and constantly changing. Recognising that every company has different logistic, storage and transportation needs, we devise customised solutions for all our clients. With our in-depth industry knowledge, we are able to create efficient solutions that are cost-effective and timely. We offer transportation services through road, air and sea. Based on our client’s need for speed and budget requirements, we carve a quick, safe and reliable route for transportation.

Operational excellence

From high-quality standard operating procedures (SOPs) based on the latest industrial Standards news to a highly-skilled management team, our company values and delivers efficiency at all fronts. We are always updating our policies and training to ensure every employee is performing at their optimum level.

Whether transportation is needed across land or water, our employees are capable of organising every step, with the right documentation, to ensure maximum efficiency. We believe in utmost transparency with our clients throughout the process allowing them to be actively involved in the process.

Our Vision

To deliver efficient, reliable and customer-centric transport and logistic solutions to all our clients while continuing to grow at every turn.

Our Mission

To deliver high-quality service to all our clients, partners and staff through valuable relationships, quality services and innovative solutions.

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